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Sunday, January 17, 2010

God's Mineral Storage Program: Trace Minerals

Meet John Anderson. He came out of retirement to become the founder and formulator of Isagenix.
John has worked as a private-label supplement manufacturer and formulator for more than 600 companies, creating more than 2,300 nutritional and weight-loss products.

His products are internationally recognized and respected as groundbreaking and incredibly effective. For Isagenix, John took the art of formulation to the highest level, creating revolutionary formulas that work.

“At Isagenix, we want the highest quality products for our Associates.”

He patented Ionic Alfalfa and you can't buy it anywhere else. It consists of 70 plant source minerals and alfalfa juice. He states minerals are not created equal. They must be of the correct structure and size to be useful to the body.

With today's sorry state of food production and farming, even organic is not enough. We must get the missing trace minerals and other nutrients that food no longer provides. This is why Isagenix is your one stop shop for nutritional dense products to complement your diet.


The best way to begin is with the 9-day cleanse. It is an excellent introduction to some of the Isagenix products and you will feel results in 4 days. In fact, you can lose as much fat in 4 days as it normally takes in a month, without gaining it all back after you are fed up with dieting.

The 9-day cleanse is $179.95 (with shipping). It replaces 26 meals, so it is coming from your grocery budget. (**And your future orders qualify for wholesale pricing)But, wait, read ahead to find out why these products are worth more than gold because it will give you the life back that you lost a long time ago.

The Protein Shakes

-organic dairy in New Zealand
-no herbicides, no pesticides, no antibiotics
-fed on a real pasture NO CORN
-low temperature processing
-undenatured and maintains cysteine for proper glutathione synthesis
-whey protein in the U.S. is highly contaminated & over heated
-based on the Zone diet, it doesn't have too much sugar
-does not have too many calories--must have enough to be a "meal replacement" for FDA
-the fructose is from fruit - the brain needs fructose

Cleanse for Life Drink

-inner heart of the aloe plant
-enzymes are not destroyed
-high in B-12
-high in trace mineral
-not all aloe drinks are created equal--most are adulterated

Isagenix Snacks

-are NOT optional
-needed for "in between" cravings
-based on the Zone diet with 70+ trace minerals
-still need nutrition between meals, not calories

Accelerator Capsules

-green tea 2 mg
-natural appetite suppressant
-herbs to help you feel better
-2 ginsengs "hot" Siberian breaks down fat & "slow" U.S. slow fat burning


How it works

The shakes are for pre-cleansing. It builds up your nutrition. Drink the shakes for the first 2 days.
Next, the Aloe vera drink provides liquid nutrition in massive dosages. It burns sugar the first 24 hours then burns fat the next 24 hours.

To get to basic directions as well as the directions for maintenance, please contact Dr. Lisa Ann Homic. 315-277-1362

P.S. Think the price is too high? It is half of what the other diet programs charge. And, this is not a diet, it is an anti-aging, longevity program!

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