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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

More money = less health????

(I should really say...more insurance = less health)
A recent study of spending in schools has shown when schools have more money to spend on education parents take a less active role in their children's educational upbringing. For some reason parents take a back seat and don't really know what their children are up to in the classroom. My fear is not only do they ignore the teaching aspects of their child's school but they also ignore the peer-social aspects. But, the numbers are there. When money goes up, parental involvement goes down.

Does that happen with our health. If we have a good insurance policy (Who does anymore?)do we ignore our health? Does owning a health insuranc policy turn off our brains some how because we have a false sense of security?

Preventive health care is not covered under most insurance. You have to have a disease diagnosis or injury to be covered.

You don't need insurance to make smart health care decisions. In fact, more insurance coverage means more drugs. More drugs means more confusion about sickness because drugs are now causing most of the sickness.

It is an interesing study of social behaviors.

Being healthy is still not popular. You are very unique because you get adjusted regularly and keep up to date on natural health issues.

We have a wonderful innate intelligence that takes care of us, always healing. We must do all that we can to nurture our innate intelligence. This is the basis on mind-spine-intelligent design.

Thank you for being an enthusiastic chiropractic practice member. Your interest in having the best life despite the scare tactics of our major medical media outlets has been very inspiring for me.

you get to choose.

See you at the table...the adjusting table.

Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Coach

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