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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Starbucks and Health: What Have We Learned Here?

A recent news story stated Starbucks is closing 600 stores and laying off 12,000 employees. [ARTICLE SOURCE]

It sounds like people can't afford coffee and are opting to brew at home. You might think I am going to talk about the dangers of caffeine and all that sugar people dump into their favorite flavored coffees. That's not where I want to go here in today's blog post. We know coffee drinking is a "fun treat" and we have to pace ourselves.

I want to revisit a story about Starbucks from three years ago.

Starbucks spends more on health insurance than they do on raw materials. From a business point of view,it sounds like a risky option. Paying for employee perks is an important expense especially because investing in good workers prolongs their ability to stay and prevents worker turn over. Health coverage is not mandated by the government. Whether it is in the future, that is up for debate. I think the cost of health care has finally hit Starbucks and it was bound to happen.

Much of the public looks at health insurance as a nice little buffer to rely on when you need to run to the doctor for every little sniffle or mishap. People expect vision, dental and a host of other minimal health needs such as chiropractic to be included when insurance really should be reserved for emergencies and major surgeries.

We are draining our own money by assuming every health care intervention should cost us a $6 copay (Really it's coming out of our wallet, anyway, in hidden costs).

Now here is the real problem...

We are a nation of chronic "sickies" due to poor health habits that lead to hypertension, weight gain, high blood sugar, painful joints, muscle atrophy, etc.

Health care is so overburdened with illness that there is no time for wellness. We're going to have to get wellness on our own.

I urge everyone to use natural health care approaches especially chiropractic for it's nervous system protection that ultimately is your body's life support. Natural health practitioners teach wellness.

Take a lesson from Starbucks. Don't assume financing health care is the answer. Education is the answer.

You get to choose.
-Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Coach


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