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Friday, July 18, 2008

It's About Freedom and Confidence

Okay, time time to shift gears. They last few posts have been downright scary but they need to be out there. I am not trying to get anyone upset or throw you in a deep depression because there are a lot of unhealthy practices being promoted in our world.

We know the simple ones: smoking, too much soda and candy and missing out on too much exercise. Somehow if you speak of this out loud people are offended especially if the food industry is criticized in any way. They provide a great service making food prep and cooking so easy (at a cost of a different kind).

The information is out there. You can read blogs, books, and talk to your natural health care practitioners. They'll tell you why everyday things that have slipped into our lives probably need a second look.

My purpose is not to make you afraid, or depressed. Some people might say, "Well, what's the point of trying? Everything out there is going to kill us anyway!"

But, we shouldn't resort to that. It's easy to give in and give up. It's easier to live happily in ignorance. But we can't switch that thought and highlight our freedom to choose. We can make a decision and have confidence. If we follow the vitalistic philosophy of chiropractic that we are self healing when nurtured, we have confidence and we don't let all the negativity get to us.

It means saying no to things that are not natural. It means ignoring the idea that we are weak and not intelligent enough to make decisions for ourselves.

Nurture your body and mind.

You get to choose.
See you at the table...the adjusting table.

Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Coach

Win By Choice

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