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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Dairy is Scary: Subluxated Thinking

"The food industry has "spoiled" us with over procesed, cheap, and addicting food that should just be called junk! And we don't seem to mind."

I just came across this update from Dr. Mercola's newsletter debunking the ads that say milk and other dairy products three times a day help with weight loss. Every sensible nutitionist I have talked to or heard from did not find milk to be a weight loss tool.

So, when was raw milk a health food?

Back in the day it was! Dr. Mercola mentioned raw milk being a health food and cancer cure at the Mayo Clinic in the early 1900's. An artcle was published in Certified Milk Magazine in 1929. Dr. Crewe, the chief raw milk specialist, even had great results with high blood pressure. It lost its popularity because it was too simple. There was just no glamour in a product that was natural and easy to obtain.

Sometimes that's the way it is with chiropractic. Office visits are short and fairly pain-free. I talk about the same thing every week: the superiority of the nervous system when it is nurtured and adjusted. I tell everyone to do common sense things like rest, exercise, and stop the nonsense of the "I'm so stressed" mantra. Chiropractic is simple, yes, but it requires consistency.

Let's get back to the milk story and why I call it subluxated thinking. (I call lots of things subluxated thinking when they are unnatural and damaging, like a subluxated vertebra.) It is subluxated thinking because the food industry has "spoiled" us with over procesed, cheap, and addicting food that should just be called junk! Retailers must sell their products pasteurized by law. I feel bad for the diary farmers who are stuck in the middle of a competitive market due to what I call "unhealthy demand." The public, thanks to a convincing media, believe there is no such thing as safe raw milk. It is a sad system of farming and raising animals, but we are entrenched in it.

Get to Dr. Mercola's article and read the section that shows how easy it is to grow pathogenic organisms in pasteurized milk. E. coli, salmonella, and listeria cannot survive on raw milk. So subluxated thinking is alive and well, especially with certain lobbys that are so good at enforcing an agenda whether it is sensible or not!

It's hard to get true natural foods unless you plan ahead, find the right places to shop and really read labels. It's not easy! To be honest, I don't always choose the best products. I do not shop for grass fed animal protein. There are some foods with high fructose corn syrup in the house. I am fully aware there really are trans fats in potato chips despite what the label says. But, there is no microwave oven in my house. I am very picky about my supplements and I try to eat raw fruits and veggies at each meal.

We have to do our best and keep our nervous systems well adjusted so it can handle the rest.


See you at the table...the adjusting table.
Dr. Lisa

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