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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

When Chiropractors Get Sick: What a Pain in the Neck (Subluxation, too)

It's been a few weeks since I have been exercsing and I already feel my reduced stamina after performing some of my usual activities. I really noticed this during that nice warm day this week. A brisk walk is not so brisk and that hill climb left me out of breath.

I'm getting back to my exercise routine and working my way back up to my recent fitness level. It is an important reminder how quickly things can change. It all changed on Palm Sunday, March 16, 2008. Here are the rest of the details:

It was on Palm Sunday when I hurt my neck. I want to share it here with you because it was an important lesson about stress and how it sneaks up on us.

I woke up that morning with a stiff neck. It didn't bother me too much and I figured it would work itself out over a few days so I went on with my activities. I've had bad stiff necks before that lasted three weeks so I tried not to panic about it.

I shuffled though Monday and Tuesday very carefully. Quick movements would be painful but I expected that. I had a great day in the office on Tuesday and was feeling energized, but it seemed to go downhill during the night. It was so uncomfortable to lay in bed that I was wide awake between 2 and 5 AM watching television waiting to feel my eyes grow heavy. When I realized my day was soon to begin I tried once more to lie down. Eirne's bed was empty since he crawaled into our bed so I thought I could be like Goldilocks and see if his bed would be more comfortable. I tried to relax so my thoughts would wander into sleep, but you can imagine how poorly that worked.

I slept about an hour then decided to get the day started. I was so emotionally charged it was difficult to concentrate on my usual activities. I could barely moved my head in the shower without pain so washing my hair was difficult. Driving was painful. Leaning over the adjusting table was sapping what energy I had left. It was next to impossible for Dr. Petrosino to adjust me. I was able to stand up straighter with my head up, but the pain was not going away anytime soon and I understood that. Both sides of my neck rebelled against me as if they wanted to choke me. Just touching my neck muscles was excruciating.

Then came the immune system response. I had a sore throat, swallowing hurt, I had pain in my skull behind my ears and I could barely open my mouth to eat.

I couldn't turn my head to drive. Mike had to help me back out of parking spaces. It was then I had to admit it was time to stay home. I needed to take some of the mental stress off my mind. I was in battle with myself because I couldn't let anyone down, but I cancelled appointments for two days. I tried to adjust people on Friday, but lost my energy so quickly I had to cancel the rest of the day.

Things got better since then, but I still have pain turning my head. I am continuing extra chiropractic care. At this point I have lost 50% of my neck motion and driving is still difficult because I can't move quckly to see all around me. Just imagine how many other drivers on the road are like that!! If I don't continue with chiropractic care I will have some nasty scar tissue that will turn my neck into a statue. This is not a good idea if I want my brain to work properly.

It's been a few weeks and my memories of this event are fading. Once memories fade we tend to get back to business as usual and ignore our health. Something as inocuous as a stiff neck is a sign of serious issues that should not be neglected.
Just prior to my injury I was working out on my mini-trampoline. I over extended my neck and felt "twinges" in my fingertips during an exercise and this likely started it. I was also up late the night before. I have been letting some emotional discomfort fester in my mind, as well, so this are all the right ingredients at the right time for my body to yell out: "Get real and put things into perspective!"

When you're feeling overwhelmed and out of energy, always look at the 3 sources of subluxation:
1) physical trauma and for most of us physical neglect
2) chemical overload and nutritional defeciencies
3) mental stress which is the most sinsiter and least acknowledged

While you are getting adjusted to rebalance your nervous system, make a promise to your body that you will work on the physical, chemical, and mental issues that are overloading your nervous system.

And don't let your memories fade!! Past pain is the lesson we need to be nicer to ourselves.

See you at the table...the adjusting table.

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