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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Subluxation Accumulation & Compensation Part 1

Subluxations don't kill you but make it easier to lose your life.

Chiropractors are focused on the subluxation and how it steals your life. I will being doing a 6 part series on the vertebral subluxation to cover all the damaging affects subluxations contribute to. I do not intend to scare you, however, my goal is to help you realize how crucial chiropractic is for a well rounded health care routine.

Subluxation: sub = less
lux = life

A subluxation is a lowered expression of life.

Spinal joints are subluxated when they lose mobility.

Any hypomobility of a vertebral joint causes changes in the body. Hypomobility means lack of motion. When a spinal joint no longer has its full range of motion it throws off the balance of the body's system.

There are 3 conditions that lead to subluxations:
  • Chemical (toxins, poor nutrition)
  • Physical (traumas, sudden or slow/chronic)
  • Psychological (stress, self concept, beliefs, attitudes, mental health)

Chemical changes and mechanical changes in the body occur when exposed to the 3 conditions above. When they occur in the spine, negative patterns develop that rewires the nervous system so there is a lack of normalcy and balance.

The immediate changes are seen in biomechanics, connective tissues, circulation, nerves, as well as the integrity of all the tissues of the body.

Let's start the biomechanics of the body:

When biomechanics are disrupted, spinal joints have less movement and take on abberant motion patterns that are not normal or healthy becoming weak. This leads to immobilization which begins the process of degeneration. This is easily seen when a limb is kept in a cast for a considerable amount of time. Inflammation is a part of the degeneration process, causing cell damage and death which irritates receptors that are sensitive to the chemical insults of inflammation. Once these receptors send messages to the brain the sympathetic nervous system causes puts stress on organs and there is an increase in epinephrine.
How long should this reaction go on?

To be continued.... look for part 2 & what actually happens when epinephrine increases.

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