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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Hiking Lesson

Wake Up & Create the Life You Want, by Debra Moorehead

Hiking Lesson
I took Eirne and his cousin, Lydia, to Taughannock Falls State Park to go hiking with my sister and his 2 other cousins. It was a fun day, but I it was real work walking a trail that was barely on an incline. As I walked, I thought back to a time when I ran every other day and made exercise a major activity in my life. This hike would have been boring to me!

It has been said, "Use it or lose it!" I realize now what I am missing. It's easy to go by the wayside when family and other responsibilities are an immediate priority. But it doesn't have to be pushed all the way back to that last burner.

During the hike, the four cousins handled their trek differently. Although they were different ages, the city kids were no match for the country kids' energy levels. Physical activity must start in childhood so healthy habits become unshakable habits, so when they become responsible adults (like us...) they realize the value of these habits.

I realize it now. I want the old "fitness" me back. It's going to take motivational work. If I say it is going to take work, I've lost the battle already. No one likes work. If it is perceived as a motivational way to challenge yourself, it can be successful.

The biggest gain is the new excitement and pride you have in yourself, regardless of the challenge. If it is the Numbers Don't Lie Diet, improving your relationships, getting fitter, or finding the career you adore, the best reward is the power and control you feel over your life.

We all wish for power and control over our lives. It is the greatest gift we have that also allows us to give back because we can do wonderful things with our personal power and control.

There are immediate priorities and then the regular priorities and then the other things. How you divide your time demonstrates how you respect your own power and control. Decide how you want to take care of your priorities and feel the power and control it creates.

Homic Advanced Chiropractic will help you with this daily challenge. Coming soon, the DNA adjustment will be incorporated into your chiropractic care. DNA stands for Dynamic Neuro-adaptive Adjustment. Since advanced chiropractic is all about advancing your life, it's time for an adjustment program that reinforces the whole philosophy behind mind-mobility and the chiropractic life-style. Stay tuned for more highlights!!

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