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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Life Is Like Miniature Golf

I took my six year old niece to play miniature golf yesterday which is a lot of fun for her. She and I go by ourselves so she can have girl time away from my son who is 3 1/2 and drives her crazy with his "boy-antics."

I knew it would be a quick game. We don't even keep score because we break all the rules of taking turns and moving the ball ahead just to make it easier. I remember playing with my friends as a teenager and we were terribly competitive watching each other like hawks to make sure we were all being honest. Can you picture it?

Playing with my niece, we took a lot of short cuts. I soon realized if you play with the wrong person, you are in for a miserable time. If someone likes to keep score and see how much he has improved over time, it will seem boring for someone who likes to volley the ball for simple entertainment. Tiger Woods would never play with someone just looking for a ride on the golf cart and some alcoholic beverage consumption. To him it is not a past time, it is always a time of concentration and self improvement doing something he is truly passionate about.

Eighteen holes of miniature golf provides a variety of challenges, much like life. Some force us to stretch out of the comfort zone while others are very simple and straightforward. Thank goodness for variety. We should always have some easy days thrown in every now and then. Luckily for us there is great scenery to look at along the way from cute little windmills and school houses to clowns and waterfalls.

Sometimes the ball doesn't get far and we have to practice for a while. Practicing is the art of honest self evaluation making changes until we find what works for us. My niece likes to call just about every turn she takes a hole in one. She is only six years old and its fine for her, but many of us have moments in which we refuse to accept the truth. From the Advanced Chiropractic perspective, continual practice allows us to interrupt the negative, less healthy patterns and establish new ones in our minds and bodies.

So, whatever your purpose is when you start your game of mini-golf, be clear about it and make sure the players you have chosen to join you have the same idea. And don't forget to go for ice cream afterwards. That's the part that makes you want to do it all over again.
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