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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Update from Shane Ellison Regarding Splenda

From Shane Ellison:
Some people don't like my Life Saving Health Briefs being unleashed on the Web - so much for "Freedom of the Press." Consider the email I just received from SPLENDA pusher McNeil Nutritionals:

"The information about sucralose included in your article contains many inaccuracies and false information. We ask that you immediately discontinue any further dissemination of these false and damaging statements. If you fail to take these actions promptly, we will consider the need for further legal action."

Of course, they offered no data to support their assertion that my writing was "false."

To make it easier to disseminate my Life Saving Health Brief regarding Splenda, I've included it one more time here in this email. Please disseminate to loved ones. It is also attached as a pretty PDF file. This can be printed and disseminated too.

** ** **

P.S. I have the PDF file if any of my readers would like it emailed to them
--Dr. Lisa

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