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Thursday, November 30, 2006

How's Your A*S?

How's your a*s?
This is something I ask every patient and practice member.

How is your adjustment support?

Every time you receive one, adjustments work, each and every time.

But the body and the innate intelligence have to make use of the adjustment. There are many things you can do to make your adjustment more effective:

1. Show up.
If you go too long in between adjustments it's as if you never received an adjustment. It's like putting one coat of paint on your house and wondering why it didn't hold up through a season of harsh weather. Consistency matters.

2. Nutrition.
A diet of fast food, coffee and soda robs your body of nutrients. How can healing take place? If you are starving your body, you are starving your adjustment.

3. Exercise.
Regular exercise strengthens the muscles, and prevents scar tissue from forming so you feel less stiffness.

4. Rest.
Healing and repair take place during quality sleep.

5. Medications.
All medications alter the nervous system as well as a number of vital organs. Always understand the risks and side-effects of medications. Medications may prevent the adjustment from being effective.

6. Self Improvement.
Keep learning. Keep growing. The mind is a very powerful force in your quality of life.

Chiropractors adjust spines because two problems are occurring within the nervous system. It is either too hyper, over stimulated, or too hypo, working inefficiently.

When I ask: how's your a*s, your answer is going to make a difference in your total health.

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