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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Vital Connections // The Wellness Connection // Connect to Your Self // Connect to Your Community

Vital Connections

We need each other. This is a fact. How do you define vital connections in your own personal life and do you provide a vital connection to others?

Many think of wellness as physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Our vital connections are important to all three. Our health depends on our vital connections. We look to others for advice and guidance. We offer each other advice and guidance as well as our time. Financial and emotional support are also crucial threads in the weave of vital connections.

We have turned our society into isolated and distrustful atmospheres. Doing a google search using the words isolation, culture, and society reveals a list of topics that range from suicide and aging to poverty and lonliness even in this age of technoligcally advanced in communication.

Time is an important factor in how well we maintain our vital connections. We devote so much of our time working and commuting, very little time remains for family responsibilties. Everyone complains there is not enough time to get things done. The back burner is filling up with undone projects and forgotten dreams.

Can we use our vital connections to help us finish those projects? How do you share your forgotten dreams with your vital connections? How do you develop and nurture connections? If these questions are difficult to answer, it shows how we have taken for granted this crucual link to health, wellness, and our ability to prosper as fulfilled indiviuals. Perhaps our lack of awareness has lead to the deterioration of marriages and business relationships as we fail to relate to each other. The chasm of isolation grows deeper. Today's children grow up lacking the communcation skills and critical thinking necessary for success. There are many attempts to address this problem indirectly with education laws, government sponsored programs, self help books, etc. But the most direct way is to admit we need to prioritize our vital connections.

The "wellness way" provides a basic foundation. All we accomplish depends on our wellness attitudes. The way we take care of our health mirrors the way we take care of everything else. Vital connections help meet our goals with less effort.

Another part of the vital connection is our spiritual connection. Knowing where we came from and where we go after death influences how we want to spend our time in between. This article is not an appropriate forum to debate religion, darwinism, or intelligent design. Time continues to slip away regardless of the debate. Use your time wisely. Recognizing how far reaching your own actions are within your community and beyond is a great motivator.

What is the best way to develop a life-style that values vital connections? The first step is to start with your inner belief system, recognizing your spiritual connection and commiting yourself to goals that are always congruent with it. Religion plays an important role by providing a community that works toward the same goals. Church members make it a priority to be available to each other for support and guidance.

Vital connections expand outward throughout all aspects of life. The family, friends, workplace colleages, professionals, government, volunteers, non-profit groups, and churches all contribute to in some way to the growth of vital connections. Everyone is able to choose and nurture their vital connections.

The Create Purpose Coaching System has 6 steps for designing and meeting goals.

  • Step 5 * Use Your Network / Prevent Burn Out
  • Step 6 * Help Others Do the Same

Both are based on the benefits of vital connections. Chiropractic also stresses connections that promote life and healing. Everytime someone receives an adjustment, there is an opportunity to be a better person and have a positive influence on the people around them. Honoring vital connections in one's life will greatly enhance the wellness journey.

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