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Friday, August 04, 2023

Be a Light - Chiropractic Ramps Up Your Light


The opposite of gas lighting is being a light to others.                               Be a healing light to others.  We all need it. 

The medical industrial complex herds you through the system with very little input from you.  That's because medical professionals, (myself included, as I speak from experience) are taught to follow an alogorithm whether it's right for you or not.  

When your situation must fit into a insurance code in order to keep the system functioning and all your practitioners can meet their requirements to earn a paycheck, the patient is "neutered." What I mean is the patient's empowerment is ignored. The power of the body to be strong is belittled.  Discarding the fact that the body is acting appropriately based on the person's stress is dangerous for morale.  But, worst of all, it is telling a lie to the patient. 

The gas-lighting is rampant.  This is how we get people to obey and not rock the boat.  I may sound like a conspiracy theorist, but no one can deny the Rockefeller influence on the health care culture.  Excellent therapies have been buried.  Talented doctors have been financially ruined, murdered, or left to die in poverty and shame. 

The antidote to a crumbling system is to teach each other how amazing the body is.  Everything the body does is correct for the situation, even if we don't like it.  Even if it is painful.  Let's work with it in a collaborative manner, not as if it's a battle. 

We don't need to be categorized under some kind of disease label that takes away our confidence. Disease labels do not recognize the hard working energy the body is using to get back to homeostasis and repair itself. We've been taught to hate the repair process.  We've been taught to fear it and seek out illogical treatments that put the body into a higher level of survival stress.  

There is a belief that inflammation is good, until it is bad.  The knee-jerk reaction is to always drug away inflammation.  (New research has turned that theory upside down.  Lack of inflammation is actually a sign the body has lost it's ability to repair.) Bacteria is good until it is bad, even though the only role for bacteria is to consume dead tissue.  Do you really want dead tissue clogging up your joints and organs?  A fever is good until it is bad.  But when we reduce a fever, we're prolonging a process that the body really wants to finish.  A rash is always believed to be bad, even though it is a system cleansing.  Rashes don't just appear for no reason. A rapid heart rate is necessary when the body needs more energy and movement.  A cyst, tumor, or abscess is the body's intelligent attempt to surround toxins and bind them together until it is safe to eliminate them.  We would do better to evaluate the toxin, not the protective response.

While I am speaking in generalities, provided the body is not in a state of shock, bleeding out, or overwhelmed with poisons that the body is near death, we must reclaim the truth about our amazing intelligent body.  

You can take away the fear and trepidation with this knowledge.  You can help someone else regain his or her confidence. We can teach each other how to nurture the body rather than add more damage to the body. 

When you approach chiropractic with this mind-set, the impact is much more impressive.  If the body is in a state of fear, chiropractic is still helpful, but it's like wading in the muck.  It takes longer. 

The whole point of chiropractic is to adjust the spine so it can unwind the stress of your life, giving you a refreshed energy to live the whole human experience  --- regardless of pain, whether you are in pain or not in pain.   

The brain is constantly reorganizing itself.  Chiropractic enhances the process. 

I am calling on you to be the light to others.  And in the image above, that little light can take off and ignite the wicker basket, dissolving the barrier that keeps the light under wraps. 
--See you at the table.  The chiropractic table.
--Dr. Lisa

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