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Friday, June 02, 2023

Cancer Is Not on the Rise - Ignorance Is

Before you read this blog post it is important you understand where I am coming from. 

I always recall how my grandmother lived with fear.  Our health care model promotes an agonizing fear that robbed her of the quality life she deserved.  Nothing has changed in the last few decades.   New treatments by researchers who still deny how the body truly works have kept us stuck in fear.  It's not acceptable.  That is where I am coming from. 

Cancer is on the rise because we are inspecting our bodies too much.

(If you're a hammer, everything is a nail.) 

We've been advised to screen for cancer every year.  Mammogram, PSA, dermatology, colonoscopy, pap smear, blood work, etc.  

It's the only time we're on the hunt to find nothing, as we hope to find nothing. 

What does this repetition do to the brain, especially the psyche and limbic system?  It's not positive. It sets the stage for excessive stress that drains the body. 

We were taught that you could be dying and not know it because of painless diseases.  I even touted that early on.  I was a good student and follower of these ideas.  I wanted people to understand that chiropractic promotes homeostasis so it will heal problems before you know about them.  I thought it made sense.  And probably some bodily changes may be nipped in the bud but I don't look at it that way any more.  

Everything the body does is correct for the situation.  As the brain acknowledges a stimulation of some kind, it will change the body chemistry, raise or lower blood pressure, kick extra glucose into the circulation, etc.  It is appropriate.  When the stress or stimulus ends, the body resumes regular function as opposed to a heightened function.  I don't view heightened function as a disease. It may feel uncomfortable as the body needs to expel bodily fluids, but that, too, is appropriate.

I am aware that heightened function may reach a "breaking point" and cause permanent injury, so I'm not belittling the need for emergency care. Not to be gross, but if your body is on fire, the flames need to be extinguished immediately or death will occur.  The body will shift into a fight or flight state, but if the skin is still burning, death is likely.

We know the body increases cell populations and decreases cell populations.  A sprained ankle full of inflammation is one example. It will cease when the ankle has had sufficient time to repair itself.  For some reason, we don't call that cancer.

So when it comes to cancer, as a growth or some kind of physical change, there are different ideas about it. 

It has been said that we are fighting cancer everyday.  The body resolves cancer on its own.  Yet, there comes a time when it apparently doesn't resolve on its own and it needs to be cut out, chemically attacked or burned.  

If you are participating in yearly screenings, you might come across a growth.  That one growth gets all the attention.  No one pays any mind to the eighty other growths you already handled during the last 12 months. 

Here's another thought.  Chemotherapy has a 3% success rate, yet people are rushed right into it because it is the cautious thing to do. Interestingly, a treatment that is 100% toxic has a 97% fail rate.  I guess the remaining 3% were too ornery to kick the bucket. 

Yet, if you live past five years you are considered a survivor.  If you die at five years and one more day, you did not die of cancer. 

Sometimes I think researchers just throw darts against a wall to come up with these ideas. Five years? 

Some people feel great until they start their first chemo treatment.  Then people are shocked that they went downhill so quickly. 

I also wonder about the many medical students who start to doubt what they are being taught during their first year of anatomy class.  Cadavers are found to contain numerous tumors that were not the cause of death.  Perhaps they didn't live long enough for the tumors to kill them.  It is also possible tumors are an adaptable response to stress.  The students are told to ignore what they see. 

People are said to have fought valiantly against their cancer until the cancer won.  Why are we taught to fight our own bodies?  

When people shrink their tumors on their own with fasting, nutrition and meditation, why don't we study that?  Instead we write them off as crazies with death wishes. 

We've been told that cancer is on the rise.  Tumors are growing extra quickly lately.  That may be true.  We've been living under layers of unusual stresses in the last few years. I tend to believe an exhausted body that can't fight back is a more plausible explanation than mysterious  mutations high-jacking cells.  

Fight or flight is a useful biological function until the fight runs out, whether by excessive worry, fear, nutritional deficiencies or intentional poisoning. 

I'm not telling anyone to do something or not do something.  I only want people to ask more questions because a lot of the theories still stand on shaky ground. 

Where does chiropractic come in?  Adjusting the spine helps the brain reboot from excessive stress.  Chiropractic profoundly calms an excessive fight or flight response.  To me the real health threat is an excessive fight or flight response that we keep feeding.  The vicious cycle wears the body out.

We can't avoid all stress, but we can support the body that works so hard for us.  

Brain First - Body Follows

Brain First is Body Freedom

***P.S. Google blocks certain search terms that suggest cancer is a defense mechanism protecting the body from toxins, or that cancer can be reversed by downgrading emotional thoughts. 

There is a long history of doctors using nutrition to heal weakened bodies that present like cancer/with tumors.   

This information has been hidden, or certain agencies trash the reputations of these doctors.  Many died broke with broken hearts. 

Here are some sources to help you start your search: 

June 1, 2024 UPDATE:  I was reviewing this blog post and noticed some of the links are gone.  I wonder, were they stuck off, by AI censors in order to keep you away from these practitioners? I know searched out the links to include them in this blog.  For now I will add them at the end.  I find this concerning....

Cancer is Natural, So Is the Cure Book by Tedd Koren

Cancer as a metabolic disease: On the origin, management and prevention of cancer Book by Thomas Seyfried

One Man Alone An Investigation of Nutrition, Cancer, and William Donald Kelley Book by Nicholas J. Gonzalez MD

The Maverick M.D. - Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez and His Fight for a New Cancer Treatment Book by Mary Swander

Chris Beat Cancer: A Comprehensive Plan for Healing Naturally  Book by Chris Wark


-------    Copy and Paste these links to your address tab: 

Cancer Is Natural So Is the Cure 
E book version:

One Man Alone

One Man Alone (not on amazon)

Maverick M.D.   (directly from the Gonzales website)

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