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Saturday, August 14, 2021

F.A.Q. Let's Translate Your Pain/Anxiety Correctly


Are you living by default or with intention?  

Chiropractic helps you live with intention.

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My most important rule is to have goals that make you a better person today more than you were yesterday. 

We need your full participation in the world and you cannot do that with an exhausted brain.  

My Rules Are Based on GOALs.     

G  growth                            (Also, click here for the usual FAQ.)

O ownership

A  adventure

L  life style

Growth - Grow your talents everyday.   Get better at something a little bit each day. This takes intention and persistence.  Share your talents with the world everyday so we can benefit, too. Chiropractic helps you stay focused with an intentional and alert brain.

Ownership - You own your body.  Don't give it up to some other approach that takes away your confidence and independence in your own ability to rebuild and nourish your body. Don't outsource your health.  Chiropractic adds nothing to the body and takes nothing away. 

Adventure - Plan an adventure everyday. Life life as an adventure.  

Life Style - Your life style is your passion style.  Every thing you do even if it seems minimal reflects how you are living your purpose and mission.

You're teaching your nervous system everyday!!

If you understand that chiropractic is a teaching method to teach your nervous system how to perceive the world and respond to it, you're on your way to an exceptional experience!!

Are you living by default or with intention?  

Chiropractic is for the intentional. 

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