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Thursday, May 13, 2021

Food Maturity Mini-Course Now Available

Hi folks.  I just uploaded 2 of the 3 videos of my latest mini-course: Food Maturity. 

If you're done eating as if you are still in your 20s, this video is for you. 

I remember those days.  I ate anything I wanted.  I wasn't bloated and logy back then.  But looking back I had a horrible time moving my joints.  It took me a while to get up from my chair.  I had to pry myself out of bed.  Even talk myself into getting out of bed.  And I thought it was normal because I must have felt that way most of my teenage years and early twenties!!

It was after I became a vegetarian that I realized I was no longer a mess.  It was a good start, but I've matured even more and will talk about the Ketolox Phasing program I designed to help people wade through the keto confusion. 

The CDC has depressing stats about our health:

60% of Americans have a chronic condition

40% have more than one chronic condition

50% of us take one prescription

24% take 3 or more drugs

13% take five or more prescriptions

And the saddest statistic shown by Dr. Joseph Kraft: 90% of teenagers are already ill by the age of 19, yet it goes unnoticed. 

I'd like to show you how to change the simplest markers of inflammation such as your blood pressure, blood sugar, triglycerides, Vit D levels and waist measurement.  

Also, following a keto diet will help you manage the five annoying signs of brain impairment. 

So, I'm not a famous guru and I don't have my own personal chef, but I live in the real world just like you.  We can do this!!!!

The Food Maturity Video Course is available on my Patreon Channel.  

Count Down Live Up!!  If you can count backwards from 5, you can have amazing health!!!!

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In the intro video I discuss - Why is this information important - What will you be after completing this mini-course - What will you have to show for it - Why me as your teacher Where is the video course? Topics covered during this 3 video course. 1- Eating Real Food - What's disqualified 2- Addressing the SAD, sugar, cravings, deficiencies, 3- Eating Keto, the diet closest to nature, and human needs 4-Ketolox Phasing, pacing yourself, gradual detox 5- Constant glyphosate defense 6- Food and friendship 7- 5 Signs of blood sugar issues 8- Inflammation markers 9- Whole food concentrates - fill the gaps 10- Where to go for intermittent fasting advice 11- Processed food addiction 12- Apps that help you stay on track Ready to dive in? Brain Sense Tele-Health Disclaimer: this video is for informational purposes only. It is not medical advice.

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