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Saturday, May 12, 2018

There is no Auto-Pilot -- Think Chiro-Pilot

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as auto-pilot when it comes to health.  To promote life we need some basic things such as air, nutrients, water and a nerve system that will oversee all your bodily functions and necessary healing. 

I call it putting yourself on Chiro-Pilot.   There are 5 easy points to remember:

C    Community
H    Harmony
I      Innate
R     Rebuild
O    Opportunity

Community   -  You are a member, not a patient.

Harmony -  Chiropractic care is drug free and surgery free.  We focus on approaches that nurture (not burden) the body using natural means that are easily accessible to  everyone, namely adjustments, nutrients, and emotional support. 

Innate - We have the innate capacity to heal, but innate needs a receptive body.  We learn how to provide that. 

Rebuild - The maintenance program at Homic Advanced Chiropractic allows us to repair and rebuild the tissue pathways so innate can deliver the brain's healing messages.

Opportunity - You have an amazing opportunity to re-brand your life and experience functional freedom. You are the very person who can inspire your loved ones to do the same.

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