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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

If You've Got a Big Fire, You Need Big Water (Not an Eye-Dropper)

I'm on a mission to extinguish the "Eye Dropper Mentality."

Over and over I see people depriving themselves of what the body actually needs. It's my job to educate, but it sure takes teaching and reteaching.  I know life is tricky at times and things get in the way, but we can experience better health with consistent effort.

I see people when stress has built up so much, they have no choice but to admit it and take corrective measures.

So, when you have a big fire, don't sit around, get some big water.

Some examples:
   Are you getting adjusted once or twice a month?  Why?  Imagine the benefits you would experience if you were getting adjusted once or twice a week?  (Get on the table more often.  Use the PCD discount)

Stress doesn't take a day off.  Remember?

Why are you taking a maintenance dose of your supplements when you really need a saturating level to really see results?   I call that the eye-dropper mentality.  You wouldn't starve a kitten.

Stop trying to stretch out your Drenamin to make it last 6 months!

People are more cautious with supplements than they are with prescription drugs!  Really?  Last I checked over the counter pain meds cause liver and kidney failure, not fish oil!

You don't put out a house fire with an ice cube.

You know the song, We Didn't Start the Fire?   Yes, we did start the fire.  We do silly things and wreck our health.  Let's get real and save our health.

Expose * Challenge * Commit..........Please commit.  

See you at the table!

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