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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

(Auburn, NY) Better Health Has Been Buried....

Today's commentary: 
Medical doctors have been terminating patients from their offices due to lack of payment. The primary reason for this is because health insurance is now full of surprises, not service. The copays and fees have become a hardship on the unsuspecting public. You DO HAVE the opportunity to check out my office and learn how to live without expensive, risky drugs the way my grandparents lived without drugs. Sad to say since that generation is gone, most new folks on this earth only learn "media-medicine" that focuses on symptom management with harsh chemicals. The folks who are younger than me (and I feel very young) are on so many medications that it is worrisome. Complicated medical records of children should not be the norm. Come in, take a listen. I do say things that are hard to swallow but they are truthful and offer you a better way of life.

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