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Tuesday, June 02, 2015

(Auburn, NY) Tough Love

In last month's article I gave a pep talk hoping to inspire folks to turn over a new leaf. After all we are highly anticipating the transition from winter to spring. Have you done anything about it yet?

If not, let's do away with the warm fuzzies and go into tough love mode. I know what it's like to procrastinate. So, let me ask: which warning signal will you actually take seriously?

The body speaks a language of warning signals that hopefully can be translated appropriately. Many warning signals are ignored. Like the check engine light on a car, for example. I've been told it's not really critical until the light actually blinks. Good advice? Cars can be towed or replaced, but I don't want to gamble like that with the my health.

Warning signals can be obvious or elusive. Symptoms like chest pain, loss of speech and coordination are clearly emergency situations. Other symptoms such as a nagging pain or fatigue leave doctors scratching their heads when tests and labs don't confirm a specific disease.

The chiropractic point of view is one that asks why wait? Why wait for a health scare? Chiropractic teaches us to take prevention to a new level.

According to neurophysiology, every disease, infirmity, and illness is related to the nervous system's ability to respond and recover. While the brain and spinal cord catalog and control all of the body's reactions to stress, the spinal column does its best to protect the spinal pathways that link the brain with the rest of the body.

In general, the public overlooks the special healing partnership of the spine and nerves, in just the same way that we tend to ignore the body's warning signs. What are these warning signs?

If you ever say you are stressed or you just can't do the same activities anymore, you are already struggling with a partial power outage in your nervous system.

Lack of energy, stiff joints, tight muscles, poor sleep, uncomfortable walking, bent over posture, and irritated mood are just a few signs from the short list. These warning signs are not necessarily diseases, but they are diseases in the making because spinal stress distorts nerve messages and shuts down healing.

Incidentally, the ultra preventive personality types know that nerves can be under stress without symptoms because soft tissues may not yet be broken down enough to illicit pain.

Spring is around the corner and a few people have already remarked to me they are not in shape to tackle yard clean up. They are still weakened from recent illnesses. Winter stress has taken a toll on our spine and nerves.

Chiropractic offers its unique approach with the spinal adjustment. Hand adjustments to the spine release nerve tension and help extinguish negative patterns memorized by the nervous system.

Don't feel overwhelmed by the body's warning signals. It is now a great time to learn how chiropractic recharges the nervous system so all the other body systems can flourish.

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