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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Help Each Other Stay Healthy: Be Nice

How are those New Year's Resolutions going right about now? I've been pondering my own challenges a bit. One ongoing concern is that my family doesn't have the best of me and I don't have the best of them.

Where is the best of me going? I give it away during the day just like everyone else does. Raise your hand if you deal with unpleasant customers, obsessive compulsive coworkers, and irate drivers on the way home.

What happens at the end of the day? We give our worst to our families. We are tired out. Some days we are especially beaten down. We feel unaccomplished wondering how will we have more energy to start over tomorrow.

Worries about job loss is a major motivator. Work place stress is considerably high if you're working in a poorly managed system running on deadlines, mistrust, and punitive actions when mistakes are made. If that sounds familiar, we have a major societal problem that contributes to poor health.

Okay, so we are not purposely making each other sick, but we don't make it easy on each other. I also worry about what are we are indirectly teaching our children. Our smallest actions have a lasting impact.

This is where natural health, especially chiropractic, is your New Year's tool. Let's make a trade. I ask you to give up one unhealthy behavior and I'll give you a new one to replace it. Put a chiropractor on your resolution team and get on an adjusting routine.

We all need time to regenerate on a regular basis. This includes a consistent sleeping schedule, recreational outlets, and a few minutes each week at the chiropractor's office to rejuvenate a stressed spine.

The spine provides safety tunnels for our nerves. The spine also absorbs stress like a super powered sponge. When stressed nerves can't deliver life affirming messages to our organs we develop negative patterns that invite disease.

Chiropractic is a necessary way to keep the body's electrical intelligence humming along. Like a house exposed to the wear and tear of weather, the spine suffers the same process. We tend to take for granted what our bodies provide for us. This chiropractic message should not be taken lightly.

On the positive side, we are a close knit community that jumps up to the plate when a neighbor has a need. We have big hearts and become generous with our time and money. We are very open to sharing when other folks are down on their luck.

We can only be effective helpers if we maintain our health. We are able to give when our own life style is balanced. We need adequate energy to meet our daily goals but we also need a good supply left over so we can jump in at the last minute when a hand is needed.

Our daily encounters with each other can be productive. If we can share the workload with a smile or good word everyone's health benefits. My chiropractic colleagues and I will be around all year to help the community keep this healthy mind set going.  

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