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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Don't Settle for Unfinished

I wrote a letter to the editor to my profession's trade journal and the letter was published this week.  I have it here for you to read.

The most important message I want to convey is that I don't do just half the job.  I will do the most thorough job and it is you  .....  the customer.... who is welcome to  benefit from it.

Insurance only wants to do half the job.  They pay for care that is only half finished.
Insurance does not pay for wellness, maintenance, or chronic care.

For your well-being, I urge my practice members to choose the fullest form of health building.
I offer ongoing care with no limits at an affordable rate.
Experience the change it can do for your life!

 *   *   *
Here is the link to the full article.

We Can Offer a Better Option
Dear Editor:
What a sad realization that we, as a profession, bow down and cut our own throats in the name of Medicare acceptance. The authors of the Medicare article did a fine job teaching the reader the requirements of Medicare. But why do we accept this? Shame on our chiropractic leaders years ago who let it be so. Shame on us now for not fighting for change.
Medicare's awful description is not subluxation reduction. It is temporary patchwork. I can get the same results with a shot of vodka. We've trained a population to seek chiropractic only when the tab is paid by someone else.
To make matters worse, the demanded documentation is worthless. There is nothing more boring than chiropractic notes describing a sore joint. Our notes should be documenting the miracles that happen when a sleeping nervous system is unlocked from its self- induced physiological prison.
I should be thankful my seniors come in for drug-free health-building, but they never experience true health-building. They get a few cracks on the spine that barely relieve the true nature of their nervous-system dysfunction. I don't even treat my spine that way.
Yet in the same issue as the Medicare article, we see a grand story about "Dr. Phil." He gets adjusted twice a week because consistency counts when it comes to receiving adjustments to combat a stressful world. We need to teach our older population the truth about their own healing and offer them a better option than Medicare.
Lisa Ann Homic, MEd, DC
Auburn, N.Y.

See you at the table....the adjusting table.
--Dr. Lisa
--Your Health Freedom Advocate

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