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Sunday, March 18, 2012

When Did We Give Up Logic?

I came across this post about endometriosis being healed through the implementation of the paleo diet.  This article isn't just about endometriosis but about ignoring your natural inherent ways to function.  It is about covering up your own goodness, your original state.

Who knows when Alison began losing her original self?  Who knows when she began living an artificial life?  But isn't that what we all need to ask ourselves.  "When did we begin to live in a fake world?"

Fake emotions.

Fake foods.

Fake security.

Fake ideas.

Faking our lives pretending chemicals are just as good as God's creation.

When did we give up ownership over logic and move our trust outside of ourselves?

When did we give up thinking for ourselves?

When did we get lost in our symptoms focusing in on a microcosom of dysfunction.

When did we think the end of the river has nothing to do with the source of the river?

Read Alison's story here.

It's more than disease or dis-ease.  It is about how we view ourselves.

And then get over to the table....the adjusting table. We need to reclaim ourselves.

--Dr. Lisa
--Your Health Freedom Advocate

Primal Chiro

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