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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Holding on to Junk Is Up to Us

Jill Bolte Taylor, PhD wrote My Stroke of Insight about her recovery from a stroke.

She used her knowledge of neuroanatomy to guide her rehabilitation. One interesting aspect of our brain/body is the response time for a major emotion to work through the body.

The limibic system will direct a neurotransmitter response of an emotional surge through the body in 90 seconds. At the end of 90 seconds all chemical messengers have been flushed from the body.

We have the power and the choice to let those chemical surges last longer than 90 seconds. She explains that we allow "the circuit to continue to run." (See page 146).

So, if you are in an emotional rush that could be harmful to your long term health if you let it persist, take 90 and then chuck it. We can stop it at 90 seconds.

Here is another interesting point that will help us slow down and rethink how we load our bodies with adrenaline:
The right brain is non-judgemental.
It's our left brain program that contributes old emotional patterns (good or bad).

Dr. Bolte-Taylor made a deliberate decision during her rehabilitation to not resurrect the more negative sides of personalty that included stuborness, sarcasm, jealousy, meanness. She said, "With lots of effort, I have consciously chosen to recover my left mind's ego center without giving renewed life to some of these old circuits.

This is part of the rewiring aspects of motor-limbic-tuning.

See you at the table...the adjustment table.

--Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Advocate

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