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Saturday, October 02, 2010

Deprive Yourself Because of Unhealthy (Ridiculous) Insurance Rules?

Why Pay More for Healthcare?

Join PCD and SAVE your cash!

P.S. Insurance is for sick people. Chiropractic is for vitality!

Plus, you'll enjoy these great
benefits of membership:

• Patients are guaranteed at
least 25% off of every visit!

• No filing or claims!

• No co-pays!

• No limited services or visits!

• No rationing of services!

• No waiting periods!

Children 21 and younger living at home are free.

Additional discounts when you purchase Rythmia genetic supplement.

...Just a simple, reduced cash fee to help patients receive quality care at a reduced rate!

The Big Question?
Why can't I just get a discount without joining PCD?
CLICK HERE for the legal answer

Chiropractic is life changing but only if you use it. Once or twice a year is not using it. The long term benefits are never experienced.

A few adjustments here and there are nullified in a few days due to our exposures to stress.

Give yourself the best.

---See you at the table...the adjusting table.

Dr. Lisa

Your Health Freedom Advocate

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