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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Health Insurance: A Lousy Product

So, now everyone will have health insurance by mandate whether it is good for us or not.

I hope you know the truth is insurance covers the type of care you probably don't want: mostly drugs and surgeries that aren't proven to be useful.

I found this interesting video on you tube. (See Below)

People who practice serious health protecting habits would rather spend their money on superfoods, alternative care and exercise. If they do get sick, they won't turn to the sick care assembly line. Listen to find out what they would do if they got cancer!

The folks also mention how much pressure there is to conform to unhealthy lifestyles and following the sick care model is certainly unhealthy!

Health insurance may seem like a necessity to some, but the sad fact is insurance only puts out fires. You can't go back home after a dr. visit or hospital stay and live your life the same way. Your habits will keep you healthy or unhealthy.

My job is to show you the sneaky ways you undermine your own health through diet, improper exercise, stressful careers, prescription drug taking, ignoring the environmental toxin problem, and having an uninformed attitude about nervous system health.

Insurance will never create health. Only what you do at home and in the chiropractor's office will create health. In some people's lives it will require a major mind shift. Are you on board? Incidentially, there are healthy people who don't have insurance, but don't feel sorry for them.

Learn from them.

Here's the Video

See you at the table...the chiropractic table.
Dr. Lisa

Do you know how to Create Purpose?

Health will always come from within.

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