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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Sign of the Times and Facing Our Serious Health Issues: How a painful adjustment indicates stress neglect

It seems lately, I have had numerous people feeling sore or in pain after their latest adjustments.

Granted, I have not had my integrator to use, so I have been more "hands on" with everyone. I have also had people who were in pain after adjusting them with the integrator. It shows everyone responds differently when their stress is challenged.

It has now shown me something very significant and I encourage you to heed this important message.

Most people feel sore after an adjustment because old, persistent patterns need to be disrupted. It is like getting rid of an old habit. It is uncomfortable in the beginning. Even an abused person is in a comfort zone and does little to escape the danger because mental programming prevents the victim from imagining a way out.

So, when I am challenging someone's stress there will be a response. For most, the healing response is pleasant. For some it feels like regression. I feel now I have been missing out on the opportunity to tell people how toxic and stressed they really are because I've contributed to keeping folks in their unhelpful comfort zones.

People have told me they don't feel good after stretching or after a simple massage. There is a reason for it. Rather than accommodate that person with a gentler adjusting style, I need to provide more information about the condition of their health.

Chiropractors don't diagnose disease, but they can certainly point out the precursors to disease. Soreness and pain after an adjustment are serious indicators that the person is riddled with toxins resulting from accumulation of mechanical, chemical, and emotional stress.

I am calling it the Sign of the Times because we are more cognizant of new stresses resulting from the recession and the government's chaotic growing pains. People want to do less good for themselves to save a buck or two. Don't cut back on your natural health care habits. It is allowing the stressors to accumulate.

It is clearly seen in folks who come in for the first time or in the sporadic ones who don't consider the significance of routine chiropractic assisting their stress loads. When the stress response adds more toxins to the body, the nervous system is weakened. I cannot overemphasize the repercussions on health when the nervous system is overloaded.

I urge everyone to pay attention to the precursors to disease, not the disease once it surfaces. It can be too late at this point. That is why none of the major diseases are "cured." There is no cure for stress neglect. We must rely on detoxifying practices. Chiropractic is one the them.

It is only going to work for the folks who are interested in this explanation. It also requires being honest about their sources of stress. There is always something more to learn. I have learned from this. I am also reminded that we cannot take a break from our own self care practices, no matter what distracts us at the moment.

I invite everyone to take their chiropractic to a new level of understanding. I will be there with you.

Remember, you get to choose health freedom or health imprisonment.

See you at the table...the chiropractic table.

--Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Coach

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