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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Subluxation Body & Mind: The Truth About Stress

The word stress is thrown around so much that we don't really take stress seriously anymore. We joke pathetically about the frustrations that overwhelm our lives.

"Oh, it's just stress...(ha ha ha)..." and we keep adding more stress to our lives. As a doctor, I am quite dismayed to see people ignore the blatant signals of the body crying out for help.

Dr. Hans Selye studied the insidious affects of stress. He found people often had similar but vague health complaints that later developed into very different disease processes. Based on his observations he developed the 3 Stages of General Adaptation Syndrome: Alarm, Resistance, Exhaustion.

You can read more about General Adaptation Syndrome:

Resistance is the most interesting stage because it is during this stage that people feel "normal" because the body has become accustomed to the damage and as their bodies continue to adapt function is able to continue but only temporarily.

The stages of subluxation also follow this pattern. I like to call them: (1) insult (2) compensation (3) collapse.

In another website , the communication within the nervous system is an important focus on the body's stress response. Chiropractic's foundation is on the significance of the nervous system.

Remember the possible devastation of neglected spinal health. Subluxations deplete us of our life force.

Don't be fooled by the Resistance/Compensation stage of stress damage.

Chiropractic Saves Lives.

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