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Sunday, July 16, 2006

At War With Lipitor!!

Don't Be Fooled By Your Easy Co-Pay. It Just May Kill You.

Why am I at War with Lipitor?

So you have it pretty easy. Just go to your favorite pharmacy, hand over your prescription, pull out your insurance card and that one month supply of statin medication priced over $100 is only a $20 dollar co-pay out of your pocket. Everything is good. And everyone else took care of most of the work for you.

So what is wrong?

Isn't it too easy?

It is too easy. The real work would be to look at how choleterol was discovered, what scientists thought it proved, and why studies are showing the majority was mislead.

What is the real cause of heart attacks? Cholesterol has very little to do with it.

What are statin drugs doing to the heart? There is a rise in congestive heart failure.

Why do people with low cholesterol have shorter life spans? Because cholesterol plays a vital role in hormone health.

Before anyone decides to take a statin medication, he or she needs to realize there is sacrifice with very little reward. This is not a win win situation. Before anyone makes a decision, he or she needs to be well equiped to make an informed decision.

Most people are not well informed enough to make an informed decision.

Numerous organizations such as the Life Extension Foundation, Health Keepers Alliance, Weston A. Price Foundation and Dr. Mercola are speaking out about the dangers and corupt politics with satin medications and what the public is not infomed about heart health.

You won't hear about them on a TV commercial. Take the time to look at what information they offer.

The Benefits of High Cholesterol

Dangers of Statin Drugs: What You Haven't Been Told

Cholesterol Drugs Cause Heart Disease

Health Keepers Alliance
The Dangers of Statin Drugs, Vol 8 Issue 1 [order this issue at the website ]

The Patent is Almost Up! Is That Why Statin Drugs Are "Shoved" Down Our Throats?

The Cholesterol Lie: Why Cardiologists Are Just Plumbers

Cholesterol Unscientific

What Really Causes Clogged Arteries

What Bill Clinton's Doctor's Didn't Do

Health Myths Exposed

Chiropractic & Heart Health
Don't forget regular chiropractic care for maintaining homeostasis and regulating the healing process.

Blood Pressure

Heart & Kidney Abnormalities Correlated with Spinal Health

The Shape of Your Spine, Organ Health, & Life Span

Remember during your new patient orientation when I talked about poor posture and forward head carriage leading to poor cardiopulmonary function? Here's more info.

I hope this has your mind working overtime. Please visit my office soon and ask about a specialized wellness plan.
Thank You.
Dr. Lisa

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