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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Needless Epidemc & Premature Death: Crying Out For Wellness

Needless Epidemic & Premature Death

Don’t Give Stress a Back Seat
Allow Stress to Save Your Life…

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Stress is such an overused word that we now ignore it. People admit they are under stress but do nothing about it. It has become an accepted part of life. You are labeled a wimp if you decide to reduce the stress in your life. Being honest about stress requires us to be honest about the our bad habits and our personal weaknesses. It takes a strong person to avoid the negative relationships, negative habits, and negative thinking that perpetuate the disabling effects of stress. These are just a few reasons why we ignore stress.

The Stress Response

The body’s physical reactions to stress are the same regardless of the cause. The mechanical stress of physical trauma, chemical stress, nutritional imbalances, and mental stress lead to the same muscle tightness, lack of blood flow, increase in blood pressure, and hormonal problems that are common responses.

Stress Causes Stress

The Stress of living causes the body to breakdown and develop chronic disease. What needs our attention more? The causes of stress or diseases that result? Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Is the confusion another reason why we ignore stress? Is this why most diseases have no cure? There is no magic potion that takes away the demands of life. Our true problem is how we behave in the presence of stress, not how many drugs are available on the market. With all the drug use now, diseases are still prevalent. Maybe drugs are just a decoy so we can ignore the true problems of stress so drug makes can continue to make money? This is a strong accusatory hypothesis that has crossed the minds of intelligent thinkers. While the economics of pharmacology are deeply woven into the lively hood of many, not just the drug makers, we must resolve to take personal responsibility for our health. If others decide to take drugs and continue to stay sick, that is their choice.

Chiropractic and Stress

Chiropractors adjust the spine so nerves can regulate muscles, blood flow, and healing. We tend to re-subluxate (recurring weaknesses in the spinal joints) because not all stress is avoidable.

We still have to work, pay bills, and live a disciplined life. Work is not always easy. The daily pressures

But, we have choices. We have the power to reduce the amount of stress we are exposed to. No one has published a study on how getting out of a bad marriage saves taxpayers and insurers money, but the idea is not far fetched. Numerous reports show people who are happy in their jobs are healthier. People who are working toward goals and have them written down are healthier. There is no Nobel Prize to win. This solution cannot be patented. So who cares about stress? I hope you do.

The joints of the spine play a role in the body’s ability to heal and resist disease. Important nerves centers call nerve roots control the nearby organs and muscles. If a muscle is chronically tight and functioning poorly, the nearby organs are poorly functioning as well. Some would say the body is prematurely dying.

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