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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Chiropractic Makes Sense: Your Wellness Questions Answered

I came across a great chiropractic website called Ask the Experts. It has video clips of chiropractic speakers answering common chiropractic wellness questions. I added it to my website along with other handy links of consumer information. You can forward it to your friends and family who don't understand your love of chiropractic. You know it would help them feel more in control of their health. I feel the same way you do. Some people need more information before they are ready to take this step. Thanks for caring enough to keep up your efforts.

Here is the Link:

By the Way:

What happened to coaching clients #2? Remember the last time we left off with our couple with a new baby and they were feeling overwhelmed? It is a common ocurrence to reevaluate future goals when a couple is responsible for bringing up a new member of the human race.

I go them all under chiropractic care, including the infant. Just this simple step helped them relax and feel better about their efforts. Both mom and dad were exhausted and their first change was to get a healthier routine. Chiropractic care helped them sleep better and feel more refreshed. The baby also was calmer and when he slept more and cried less it was a great relief to them.

They were able to sit down and goal plan. They want to improve their financial future without feeling time pressures and working so much that they could become disconnected from their home life. They worked on a one year plan, five year plan and ten year plan then made an appointment with a financial planner. We addressed their fears which were based on beliefs they didn't realize they grew up with. They were able to rationalize that they misinterpreted some childhood memories about their parents' finances that they now see differently as adults.

Stress can creep into our lives at our busiest times. Major life events, whether positive or negative, impact our health which can influence how we view our abililties or sabotage our confidence. Whenever our balance is disrupted it is alway a good idea to return to better health habits.
Chiropractic is the best first step to ground someone mentally and physically.

(The people in my coaching stories are not real. They are, however, based on real life examples.)

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