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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Wellness Journey: How's It Going? Real Change Requires Real Change

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A few weeks ago I reported on my desire to get back into shape. I no longer wanted to be in denial of my poor habits. It was time to end the excuses. The past few weeks I've been slipping into a mode of,"Not now. I'll do better later." We had a birthday party, so there was cake in the house for days and days. Another week we worked late and bought pizza. I stopped exercising because I was behind in my paperwork so I had to evaluate my time management. Working out at home was difficult because my son has no concept of following a workout on television from start to finish. He wanted to jump on the trampoline and kept getting in the way.

A couple bad weeks. . .
I had to get back on the organization band wagon. Getting up earlier was not the end of the world. I watched a different set of work out shows. I was more laid back with the routines. If I was being shoved off the trampoline by my son, I did crunches on the floor or cardio-kicks in the air.

I still felt better since I wasn't snacking. I cheated on pizza and pasta in one week, but I did not have any cravings in between meals. I could feel good about that.

Getting back to working out was tough. I stopped at thirty minutes, too exhausted to complete the hour. Oh, well. It will get easier. I brought home more fruit from the store. Keeping more fruit on hand will help prevent snack attacks.

Just keep doing it. Don't get hung up on the emotional attachments to food. I talk to patients everyday who have such a hard time giving up their bread habit. They are shocked that the nutrition information they received in the past was misleading. Yes, even whole wheat bread is preventing you from burning fat, no matter how much you exercise. Doing housework burns calories, but it's not enough if you want to get in better shape. Don't get bogged down by the myths we believed.

Real change requires real change
How you welcome change determines how fast you change. Don't give up. Get a wellness coach.

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