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Monday, October 10, 2005

How Dr. Dean Ornish Gets Remarkable Results

How many cardiologists talk about eating better and exercising more? Everyone is talking about it!! Did you know 95% of heart patients do not change their life style even when facing a close call with death? Amazing enough, Dr. Dean Ornish has reversed heart disease and published very impressive statistics. Dr. John McDougall has a wellness center at a resort spa providing a 10 day stay to help people rediscover vibrant health. His program is also very highly acclaimed. They have remarkable results because they empathize with human behavior. They provide extraordinary ongoing support. Dr. Ornish’s program also focuses on relationships and spirituality. The Ornish program uses social leverage because relationships are wonderful motivators. While we can’t easily give up our jobs to attend a residential program to receive the kind of support needed to restore health, Dr. Homic has a wellness planning and coaching program available. Inquire about consultations, group coaching which is discounted, and individual coaching sessions, as well.

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